The best breakfast is a delightful book

In this era of massive data creation and consumption, if you’re not careful, you tend to fill your head with the garbage, the noise of society, which makes you incapable of thinking.

Your mind is miserable and unclear and you are assailed by superficial thoughts.

— Seneca

Uncontrolled thinking

  • Notifications prevent thinking.
  • When you scroll Twitter, someone else is thinking for you.
  • When you read a book, someone else is thinking for you.
  • Social interactions triggers uncontrolled thinking, be well surrounded.


Meditation is growing popular nowadays, probably due to these many troubled minds, the idea behind meditation isn’t obviously to follow exactly what Buddhists do, it’s just about data fasting.

— Pascal

Via Negativa

  • Substract rather than add.
  • Less rather than more.
  • Knowledge is subtractive

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

— Bruce Lee

— Lao Tzu

A book as only breakfast

  • Eating is tiring, fasting is energizing.
  • A full stomach, a busy mind.
  • Autophagy

A book as the first and only data in the morning, no phone, no music, no news followed by reflection (walk, workout, sit and think).

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