Krishnamurti — Total Freedom, a review

In this article, I will discuss about Krishnamurti’s philosophy and offer you some of his best quotes, since it is influenced by my own opinion, my mental model, you should (always) be skeptical about what you read, as Krishnamurti says so well and repeat it over and over again “Truth is a pathless land” !

First, for the people who don’t know him, let’s paste a Wikipedia description:

Jiddu Krishnamurti seems really an outlier in the philosophical world, challenging the most fundamental foundations of our thinking and even of thinking itself.

Total freedom — page 61

page 297

What he says makes me think about the current hot debate about whether human behavior is deterministic or not, whether free will is a thing or not.
Unfortunately, “free will” isn’t a scientific reality. It is likely to be a myth inherited from Christian theology.
I like Yuval Noah Harari opinion on this matter

So he state that we could have more or less “free will” if we understand our environment, no understanding would means being slave to the inherited biological instinct.
I think it is similar to the Buddhist and Stoic “Self-Awareness”.

It is an interesting point of view but this question of free will can’t really be answered until we understand fully how the brain works from a neuroscience perspective.

Understanding might be the solution to life

page 189

page 205

Again, understanding (the environment) might be the solution to life

page 240

Society tells you to study well (pass exams, memorize, not learning), get a good job, earn a lot of money, get married, have children, buy a big house, expensive cars, etc. (I skip some obvious ones because I don’t want to offend anyone)

But what happens in the end ?

You die.
And what have you done of your life ? Follow what society told you to do.

Truth is a pathless land

page 308

There is gurus everywhere trying to offer you solution, systems to solve your problems: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Instagram influencers … But it never works.
The only solution can only be found by investigating yourself.

page 244

Thoughts didn’t solve human problems

page 285

Thoughts didn’t solve life

page 295

Today tech companies build software that try to maximize addiction (Facebook, Instagram …) a great video on this subject here.
The mind need constant occupation, dopamine

page 318

Emptiness is the solution ?

page 320

related to this quote:

This makes me think of this Zen proverb:

Listening is a rare skill, listening to someone without chatting in your head, having your cup EMPTY.
This is closely related to Krishnamurti discussion about the “observer”:

The observer is the observed

page 321

Is it possible to listen without being affected by any mental bias ?

page 321

By controller he means the observer


In the end, Krishnamurti is highly critical of our past tentative to improve life, reduce suffering through religions, through philosophies which works with thoughts.

Overall Krishnamurti says that religions try to give an escape to the inevitable fact that we will all die someday, through reincarnation, heaven …

Krishnamurti reminds you how artificial is our society, everything is based on creation from thoughts: Jesus, Krishna, all religions, Communism, Capitalism, money, law, ethics …

The key points of his philosophy are:

  • Understanding (the environment) might be a solution to life
  • Truth is a pathless land
  • Thoughts didn’t solve life
  • The observer is the observed Philosophy, code, AI, transhumanism, hard sciences, Lindy books.